If you want to know and show the cybersecurity level of a service, yours or by a provider, you've reached the right place.

For that, at LEET Security we offer you three different services, all of them based in a unique reference framework, developed from a compilation of international regulations, standards and best practices.

Each one of them covers a different spectrum of the level of guarantee required, so that you can choose the service that best suits your needs.

Additionally, within our service offer, you can get your ENS cetification with us, in an agile way, efficient and simple, with great savings in costs and resources

Services based on our Referential

LEET Security Services Diagram

El Sello LEET:

LEET Security ICT rating is our benchmark service, the one with the highest level of guarantee. It is a label that materializes and shows the level of cybersecurity that a service has, one of your own or from a provider.

After an internal audit, it gives a "score" to the security measures integrated in the construction and operation of the service.

It is true that there are other mechanisms, but they do not establish a quantitative assessment, they do not show the security level of a certain service, they only corroborate the existence and compliance of management procedures, or they certify characteristics of products, or do not use internal audits.


It is a new "rating" of the cybersecurity level which, like the rating, is focused on services, occupying an intermediate position between the E-Qualify self-assessment and the rating.

Unlike the Stamp, it is carried out directly by the supplier and accredited with the documentation provided, although it does not have an internal audit process or supervision mechanisms.


It is the most complete online solution to self-assess the level of cybersecurity of companies and suppliers, in a fast, comfortable and reliable way.

Premium version gives you all the detail about the positioning of your security level, in both your domain and your section.

Corporate version allows you to have, free and in less than 30 minutes, a global vision of the cybersecurity level of your company or of the desired service.

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