Last 17th of May, we have the opportunity to participate in the cybersecurity event of reference for the governmental administration of Poland, CyberGOV2016. This event brought together almost 340 participants and the keynote speaker was Vladimir Nowak, Plenipotentiary Minister of Ministry of Digitalization that advanced the creation of a national CERT to coordinate the incident response at national level and to coordinate with the rest of Europe (in relation to the NIS Directive). Related with this Directive, also Jakub Boratynski from European Commission also took part in the event (remotely from Brussels) making a summary of the Directive text and its main implications for Member States.

Another moment of great interest was the presentation of the review made during the past year of cybersecurity situation in six public organisms by the Supreme Chamber of Control that shows that Polish State is not enough prepared to deal with cyberrisks in the cyberspace. Curiously, this analysis was realized applying the maturity model of COBIT4.1 and only one of the organisms reviewed achieve a maturity level of 3 (being 5 the maximum).

Besides LEET Security presence to comment about cybersecurity situation in Spain, also there were speakers from Israel and France to explain the situation in these countries. In particular, our presentation covered a general vision of cybersecurity management in Spain (budgets, organisms, responsibilities, etc.), and also it served to show the cybersecurity capability building model that is being developed together with INCIBE and to analyze how this model can be applied to critical infrastructure protection and also to assess the cybersecurity of the ICT supply chain, because of its objective evaluation methodology of capabilities.

This approach arises big interest (in fact, this has been our second time in Poland) and who knows, perhaps we can see soon a Polish version of the cybersecurity capability building methodology...



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31 de mayo de 2016