After the step of initial launching and with a god portfolio of ongoing projects, we reached the point to incorporate new positions to develop the business plan that we have planned, and that has been approved and is strongly supported by our shareholders.

If you have had a look to our site, you have seen that our activity is called “ICT security rating agency”: i.e., our services means to assess and evaluate the security measures of ICT services, to help final users that procure those services to easily know their security level, to compare them and, as consequence, to procure with trust.

Being our model the most rigorous and advanced –we could say the only one– in the market, with a growing demand, that is increased with frequent news about data breaches, we are sure that LEET Security is going to become the standard in cybersecurity rating (as an example, the agreement signed with INCIBE - Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad, to develop an adjustment of our model to address the protection of Critical Infrastructures).

What we offer?

Logically, as a company in consolidation and expansion step, we offer huge possibilities of personal development, with very promising future perspectives. Nowadays, we look to build up a team with a mix of experience and people eager to learn, so, whether you have experience or not, if you are interested in what we do and you think you can add us value, please send us your CV.

What we are looking for?

Shortly, we would also need new commercial and marketing profiles, as well as further profiles for the Operations Area. Do not forget to visit us!

What do you have to do?

Please, send us your CV to telling us shortly why you would like to work with us and to be part of LEET Security.