These are basic questions that will help you decide if your company is safe.

We believe 11 questions are not quite enough, but they are a starting point. So if you want more info, we put at your disposal E-Qualify that, in its Corporate version, which is free, is made up of 39 questions with which 14 cybersecurity domains are evaluated, and in its Premium version it confronts you with 343 issues.
  1. On good governance of Information Systems, Do you proactively manage the security operation of your systems? Do you know your weaknesses and strengths?
  2. The weakest link is Personnel and Operations. Do you make your employees aware that they should take care of the company?
  3. Cloud versus physical systems. Do you have on-site control over the systems that support your services?
  4. Do you monitor the supply chain and yourself as part of it? Remember that security in the supply chain is our specialty.
  5. Are you prepared for any event that endangers the continuity of your services? We talk about resilience or how to hung in there.
  6. Do you do whatever it takes to observe due diligence?
  7. Do you monitor and secure your communications?
  8. Is security the most important part of your systems design?
  9. How do you respond to malware? Are you proactive or reactive?
  10. Are you ready to handle and respond to unpredictable incidents?
  11. Encryption of the data. Do you actively preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the information, both in transit and on site, with data encryption?

All you need is LEET!

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