With the recent launch of the PINAKES service by the CEntro de Cooperación Interbancaria (CCI), doubts may arise about how to register for the service to take advantage of being one of the first providers to use it. So, let's try to shed a little light on the process.
Although the service's website is not yet operational, interested providers can already start the procedures to get the qualification.
  1. The first step is to contact the ITC and request the adhesion contract. The easiest thing is to send an email to organizacion@pinakes.es.
  2. To register a service, it will be necessary to provide the audit report of one of the approved evaluators, therefore, it would be advisable to also request in the same initial email, the contact details of said evaluators.
  3. The relationship between evaluator and service provider is outside the service, therefore, the provider must select the evaluator that interests him the most and carry out the audit with said firm [And of course, our recommendation is to select LEET Security]
  4. Parallel to the audit, you can sign the PINAKES contract and have everything ready for when the audit is finished.
  5. Once the evaluator's audit has been completed, the electronically signed report and summary file of the audit that the auditor will provide you must be sent by mail (at least until the web platform is operational).
  6. Once all the documentation has been received, the CCI will issue the invoice corresponding to the fee and, once the payment has been verified, it will proceed to issue the corresponding qualification that will be made available to the entities adhering to the service.
The amount of the fees appears in the PINAKES membership contract and depends on the size of the provider, ranging between 1,000 and 2,500 Eur per year (since membership is for one year and the process must be repeated every year).
We encourage you to take the first steps, since, in addition, the CCI offers a 50% discount on these fees during the first 3 months.
For more questions about PINAKES or additional information about the qualification process, you can write to us at info@leetsecurity.com or visit our page dedicated to Pinakes.

All you need is LEET!

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10 de marzo de 2021