On December 30, 2015, Aiuken Solutions achieved the rating seal of its services under the assessment and labeling methodology by LEET Security.

Aiuken has addressed the rating of services provided from its managed security center (SOC), consisting of "Managed Security Services" (which include data protection services, IT systems operation and threat management), “Web Application Firewall (WAF) services” and the "Anti-DDoS services", obtaining in all of them the triple C C C rating, which demonstrates the effective implementation of a large framework of control and security measures in all three evaluated dimensions (CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability).

LEET Security rating evaluates beyond operational practices according to a ISMP, but the level of robustness and rigor of their own security measures implemented into the services and the resilience in case incident, providing Aiuken’s customers with a clear and transparent information on the security of these services.

In the words of Juan Miguel Velasco, CEO of Aiuken: "To provide security services you need to be secure yourself. The decision to qualify our services with LEET Security was based on the complete picture of all aspects of security of the services provided by the label. It has been an extremely tough test, which has forced us to be better, but it was worth of it. I invite / challenge all providers of any services to be examined, and all customers to request them their results. "

According to Gonzalo Perán, Director of SOC Operations in Aiuken "Qualifying our services gives our customers a real assessment of the quality with which we build our platforms, and offers an exportable model, objective and to compare with other".

About Aiuken Solutions

Aiuken Solutions is an international company focused on information technology, communication and the Internet, specializing in security solutions and cloud services with high added value.

With service and development security centers in LATAM and Europe and soon also in the Middle East, Aiuken serves more than 200 multinational clients in 7 Countries.

It provides technologies, services and cloud infrastructures ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information, and also facilitates and provides access / safe use of cloud, Internet and Telecommunication Systems. Additionally, it develops own applications and platforms.

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