The security of the supply chain is becoming one of the most important aspects on the agenda of many organizations. This may be due to regulatory impositions, as is the case of financial institutions, on the part of both the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Banking Authority (EBA), or also due to a growing awareness of the impact that the supply chain has on the business itself. And this awareness has a lot to do with the application of the European General Data Protection Regulation, which explicitly obliges the controllers to ensure that the third parties to whom they subcontract the processing of the data in their possession comply with the security measures that the responsibles should demand them.

Although, in fact, the concern for the supply chain extends beyond the personal data, since from that chain also establishes connections with the information the systems of the entity and / or manages sensitive or relevant information that the business can not afford to appear publicly.

Paul Kirvan (FBCI, CBCP, CISSP), in his article Minimizing supply chain risks key to business continuity management, comments on the essentials of having well-identified the components of the supply chain. And in this sense we not only have to think on our suppliers or third parties, but also with the suppliers of these, and also with the distributors, who take the products and services to the final customers.

The article is focused on risks of all kinds, from floods to personnel strikes. However, cybersecurity and the increasing number of attacks that continually reach our ears, has made the loss of data and cyber-attacks become the first cause of concern for most of business directors, as evidenced by the 6th and last Directors’ Liability Survey, prepared by Willis Towers Watson and Allen & Overy, which analyzes what are the top risks facing Directors and Officers.

Therefore, cybersecurity and the supply chain combine as a critical element that requires maximum attention. And to give it the appropriate treatment, the third edition of the Third Party and Supply Chain Cybersecurity Summit event will be held in Barcelona on February 7th and 8th, in which we are pleased to participate, and where we will present real cases of two large entities of our country, one of them using the LEET Security rating to evaluate the level of cybersecurity of their entire supply chain, and the second to accredit to all their clients the level of real cybersecurity with which they provide all their services, with a single evaluation following our methodology.

An event that all those who feel the need to ensure the security of their business should not lose.

All you need is LEET.

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27 de enero de 2019