The long time expected self-assessment tool

Finally, it is here. For some time now, our clients and other entities interested in rating have been asking us for a simpler form, but keeping all the rigor incorporated within our methodology, to carry out the evaluation of their cybersecurity levels online.

And this is what we have done, incorporating all the controls and algorithms used in the qualification, within the E-Qualify tool, to carry out the analysis in a self-assessment format.

E-Qualify contains the complete rating framework, which allows the assessment of all aspects related to security in the provision of its services, covered in the 14 domains and 76 sections of the methodology, to provide the result based on the answers provided during the process. The evaluation report includes not only the global score, in the three dimensions of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, but also offers the individual level obtained in each of the sections that make up the scheme.

The process is facilitated with a series of initial questions to define the context of the service considered. First of all, what is the objective level, since the higher it is, the more questions will have to be answered. On the other hand, some typologies of services have been typified, in order to eliminate unnecessary questions and simplify the process.

The self-assessment does not replace the formal evaluation and rating carried out by LEET Security, since the answers are not subject to verification by the Agency. However, this tool will provide a complete diagnosis of their cybersecurity management practices in their services, on each and every one of the concepts included in the LEET Security model, as well as allowing them to establish a quantitative range to measure their progress, set improvement goals and compare, on equal terms and conditions and as objectively as possible, with other organizations.

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22 de abril de 2018