European Union Agency for Network and Information Security has just published the list of existing cloud certification schemes that includes the first security labelling system developed by LEET SECURITY over its rating system.

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), supporting the activities of the EU Cloud Strategy, has published a list of the existing Cloud Certification schemes (CCSL – Cloud Computing Certification Schemes List). This initiative will help potencial cloud users decide on the security of different cloud solutions. The list was developed by ENISA in close collaboration with the European Commission and the private sector (EC Certification Selected Industry Group).

CCSL gives an overview of different existing certification schemes which could be relevant for cloud computing customers. CCSL also shows which are the main characteristics of each certification scheme. For example, CCSL answers questions like "who issues the certifications", "is the cloud service provider audited?", "who audits", etcetera. CCSL provides links and references to each certification schemes for further reading.

Complete text of the press release (in Spanish) [PDF]

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21 de noviembre de 2013