IBM has obtained concurrently the certification of conformity with the National Security Scheme (ENS) in HIGH category and the LEET Security rating with AAA level for the Public Cloud services based on its European Union CPDs. The multinational has obtained both through an audit process that unifies the evaluation of the security measures contemplated in both schemes.

For the achievement of the two accreditations, LEET Security has assessed, not only the operation according to the certified security management system followed by IBM for these same services, but also the level of robustness and strengh of the security measures themselves implemented for the rated services, as well as the ability to recover in the event of incidents, thus providing IBM customers with clear and transparent information about the security of their services.

The technological multinational thus takes another step in the accreditation and commitment to security in the provision of its services, thus making its Public Cloud the most transparent service in the market in terms of the level of real security with which it operates. This allows to transmit to their clients the guarantees that they need, both in the Public Administration and in the private sector,

In addition, obtaining the qualification and certification simultaneously saves costs in terms of time and effort devoted to the evaluation.

Photo: Antonio Ramos and Rogelio Saavedra deliver both certificates to Susana del Pozo and Carolina Escribano

The AAA rating of LEET Security provides more information on real cybersecurity capabilities than any other certification, since in addition to showing the result obtained in the three dimensions of confidentiality, integrity and availability, it also allows to know the level for each of its 14 domains and 76 sections, which provides very valuable detailed information, which can easily be contrasted with the security requirements of each client and allowing comparison.

The qualification of suppliers is something increasingly essential in the world of cybersecurity, where having maximum confidence in all points of the supply chain is vital for companies. It is not enough to adopt the best security measures in the organization itself, since if the suppliers do not have the appropriate level they become their weakest link and the likely gateway to incidents that can cause significant economic losses and damage to the reputation of the company.

This rating is, therefore, an endorsement that allows IBM to differentiate itself and strengthen trust with its customers, since it not only demonstrates its great technical training, but also the commitment to develop its activity always with the maximum safety guarantees.

All you need is LEET.

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