If you are a provider of a bank or a credit institution, this event may interest you.

The Interbank Cooperation Center (CCI), with the participation of Leet Security, is going to hold an information session on Pinakes, virtual.
May 5, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
During the last five years, the processes of outsourcing services by all companies, and more specifically, in the financial sector have grown significantly, especially in those fields related to digitization, multiplying the efforts necessary to guarantee security, cybersecurity, of those services provided by third parties. Do we have the necessary tools to know and guarantee the cybersecurity conditions of these external providers? How do we comply with the international regulations promulgated for this purpose? Can we reduce the monetary and time costs dedicated to guaranteeing the security of those services contracted to third parties?
At the round table, we will focus on the relevant role of entities as precursors of a project that aims to provide them with a system of procedures and tools that allows standardizing security audits, also providing them with a homogeneous ratings that allows verifying the adequate management of the risk. They have been the ones who have sent the Interbank Cooperation Center to bring this project to fruition.
This mandate has come to fruition in Pinakes, a platform that makes a tool available to entities where they can consult the audits and ratings granted to each of their suppliers' services and facilitates their approval, by avoiding individual processes with each client that they are replaced by this new system, valid for all member entities.
11:00 - Opening
Mr. Herminio del Campo Cueva, General Director of CCI
11:15 - Round Table
Mr. Doroteo Martín Polo Jiménez, Coordinator of the Pinakes Service, Moderator
Mr. Antonio Ramos, LEET Security - Evaluation company
Mr. Javier Puerta Rubio, Cybersecurity in Third Parties at BBVA
Mr. Olga Sánchez Campoy, Head of the ISMS and Security Policies of Caixabank
Mr. Gonzalo Álvarez-Castellanos Escrivá, Security Office of ING
We are awaiting confirmation from two additional entities.
12:00 - Q&A.
Registration: If you are interested, please fill in your information in this form in the following link.

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26 de abril de 2021