In our interest in a safer Digital Ecosystem, we have signed the Lisbon Declaration, launched by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union to define a new digital transition paradigm.
The “Lisbon Declaration – Digital Democracy with Purpose” was launched in June 2021 in order to reinforce the “European way of doing business” as a globally recognized value proposition and unique competitive advantage that raises standards by:
  • Balance technological development with respect for ethical principles and the promotion of human rights.
  • Promote digital international cooperation and multi-stakeholder approaches by uniting the efforts of governments, public administration, business, NGOs, academia and citizens.
  • Promote an economy based on green and digital technologies as enablers of social cohesion, prosperity, innovation and competitiveness.

This initiative seeks to build a common framework on 13 digital principles:

- Digital identity
- Privacy, data protection and cybersecurity
- Access, use and neutrality of the internet
- Use of artificial intelligence
- Freedom of expression and information
- Freedom of assembly and association
- Protection, care and freedom of expression of children
- Digital education
- Digital platforms
- Digital public services
- Copyright and other intellectual property rights
- Digital Legacy
- Effective remedy and access to justice

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18 de enero de 2022