New service enhancement - Specific monitoring campaigns

We have introduced an enhancement for customers currently with a LEET Rating. And for those arriving.
In order to increase the protection and the feeling of security that LEET Security rating conveys, we have recently included the continuous monitoring service, whose reports we prepare and send every month to those clients who wish to do so.
With this service, for which we use the MrLooquer tool, we observe from outside in a non-intrusive way, without touching, possible modifications that may increase your exposure to the Internet. But we believe that we can improve even more in this direction, so now we have decided to introduce a new enhancement in the service we provide and that is also included in the rating: A specific monitoring of specific vulnerabilities. We have called it ‘specific monitoring campaigns’.
We like to stay informed on cybersecurity and when a reliable source (be it an official entity, such as the National Cryptographic Center, or a manufacturer or service provider, such as Microsoft) publishes information about an important vulnerability, we study if it affects in any way specific to each of our rated clients, observing from the outside, without disturbing them.
Unlike the continuous monitoring, in which we constantly observe the outside of the company and check IPs of their domains, with this service improvement, when a potential vulnerability that we consider relevant is published , we pay attention to see if it affects them specifically and we inform them of it.
The campaigns are not periodic, and are only carried out when an interesting vulnerability to be studied and that could affect our clients has been published.
Before starting a campaign, we will first inform our customers and also publish it on our blog, on social media and in our newsletter.
And one last thing. The results of the campaign, like the monthly monitoring information, are private and anonymous.
And if you want more information, please do not stop contacting us. You will find us here.

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