In the image, from left to right, Herminio del Campo, Director of the CCI, and Antonio Ramos, CEO and founding partner of LEET Security.
Yesterday, January 19th, at the CCI headquarters, Pinakes, the new cybersecurity management service in the financial sector, was presented to sector's providers, with the participation of LEET Security.
Pinakes is a revolution in the cybersecurity management in the banking sector, thanks to the technology of LEET Security, whose partners Antonio Ramos and Alfonso Pastor, presented to the suppliers, together with the director of the CCI, Herminio del Campo, the operation of what It will be Europe's pioneering security management platform.
In the words of Antonio Ramos: "Pinakes is a unique service at the European scene that highlights the cutting edge character of Spanish banking and that will undoubtedly make the Spanish business ecosystem more cybersecure, thanks to the transparency of the level of cybersecurity of the actors. We are very proud of the degree of acceptance that our rating system has had among all the actors involved"
This platform facilitates and improves efficiency in compliance with the security sector regulations established by the EBA (European Banking Authority)
For more information about this platform or about the presentation, visit this dedicated page.

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