Study results about cloud computing market maturity have been just released thanks to the collaboration between  CSA and ISACA (pdf), and it highlights the 10 issues eroding cloud confidence.

The study collects opinions from 252 organizations of all types (users, service providers, integrators, and consultants) in 48 countries (mainly in North America and Europe), and concludes that, in one side, IaaS and PaaS are in their infancy and that they will need three years to be in the growth stage, while SaaS are almost in growth, where they will arrive in two years.

But, as study states, "users need to be able to trust that services will meet their needs and provide a stable foundation [...] to better serve their stakeholders" and the ten issues that most erode this confidence in participants opinion are the following (from more to less importance):

  1. Government regulations keeping pace with the market
  2. Exit strategies
  3. International data privacy
  4. Legal issues
  5. Contract lock-in
  6. Data ownership and custodian responsibilities
  7. Longevity of suppliers
  8. Integration of cloud with internal systems
  9. Credibility of suppliers
  10. Testing and assurance

Analyzing these factors, we found 4 types of stoppers, related with:

  • Legal issues
  • Contracts
  • Users
  • Suppliers

In our case, as security rating agency, our service helps with issues related with contracts and suppliers, due to higher transparency because of more and better information about situation of own suppliers. Is important to highlight some elements that are considered to estimate ratings:

  • Financial solvency
  • Medium and long-terms strategies
  • Market share
  • Audit programs execution
  • Voluntary standards adoption
  • Statement of sides responsibilities
  • Segregation of functions
  • ... (all details can be consulted in the guide)

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9 de octubre de 2012