Next March, 18th, European Commission is hosting a workshop on cloud security with the subtitle: "Building Trust in Cloud Services - Certification and Beyond". The workshop will be facilitated by the European Commission and will focus on the following issues:

  • Cloud Security in the context of European Commission initiatives
  • Network & Information Security Directive and Cloud Computing Services
  • Best Practice: Risk Management of cloud computing services
  • Transparency: Incident Notification and Information Sharing for cloud computing services
  • Recognition: Cloud Certification Schemes & Assurance Levels
  • Impact Factors: Service Authentication, Law Enforcement Access, and Export Controls on cloud services

In each session throughout the day, panels of experts in cloud computing will touch on their own experience to convey their perspective of these issues. Participants will be invited to actively discuss their own experience of these issues and together prioritise mechanisms to address them.

LEET Security, by means of one of its partners, Antonio Ramos, will be present in the Workshop to share how the security rating can contribute to all these issues thanks to a objective rating methodology and to a assessment mechanism that brings transparency and efficiency to the cloud computing services market.


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22 de febrero de 2016