IDC and IDG bring the new 2015 edition of the CIO Directions event. It will take place next 29th september, under the tittle: “The new role of the CIO and the IT Organisation”.

According to IDC, this new role comes from the increasing direct responsibility of the business lines in the technological decisions of the company. According to a recent analysis carried out by IDC, 43% of the business managers being interviewed declared that they feel comfortable with IT projects within technological environments. Thus, Business lines are financing 61% of these projects (in the scope of the survey) – with or without the participation of IT.

We at LEET Security are participating in this edition, with a relevant implication and contribution to facilitate companies in their task to manage information security in this process.

Security management is not trivial even when the project is originated from technical areas, with a whole company behind, and increasing business needs that make necessary to involve service providers and search and select business solutions at the speed that the market is demanding... So, ¿how can CIOs and CISOs ensure that all these various suppliers and services match at least the basic security requirements for the company? And, of course, making sure that it does not impact the agility that the business requires nor exceeds the available budgets.

In response (or perhaps, THE response) to these needs, LEET Security has developed a security rating and labelling. We will be present and available for all the participants from our stand at this CIO Directions 2015. We invite you to attend by contacting us at

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21 de septiembre de 2015