Last April, 27, LEET Security participate in the Club de la Excelencia en Gestión section at program Pulso Empresarial with Antonio Ramos, together with Miquel Romero i Grané, Members and Knowledge Director to present the resutls of the Study 'Corporations and Cybersecurity'.

During the interview, we review the more relevant results of this Study, together with a short and clear explanation of key points of security rating: what is security rating? What elements are assessed? What is the meaning of rating?... And, also, some reflections on the impact of new privacy regullation (GDPR), cybersecurity accountability in corporations or, even, how rating could be incorporated into corporate compliance.

Interview can be hear in the followink ling from minute 30 ahead (in Spanish): link to the podcast and the CEG review of the interview at this link.


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18 de mayo de 2017