Help us with the new version of our methodology

We want to hear from you!
Because we have a new version of our methodology (version 3.0) and we want your help to make it really complete.
Our main concern is your security, so, on a recurring basis, we update the framework of controls that we use in our audits in order to increase the confidence that the LEET Security rating conveys.
Technology is developing by leaps and bounds and is increasingly part of our lives, occupying larger areas day buy day. Therefore, proper cybersecurity management is not only increasingly important, it must necessarily be up to date.
The guide for version 3 of our methodology is now available for download and, until August 31, the process will be open to receive comments and proposals for modifications.
We take your contributions very seriously. We want to hear from you!
It's simple:
  • First download the new version, V3, which is now available for download here
  • Read it carefully.
  • And if you miss something, or you have enough, or if you have any comment about it, whatever, we want to hear it.
  • Write us with your comments, before the end of August, to:
And what is it that changes?
  • In total, there are more than twenty improvements that affect the entire methodology in a transversal way. Some of the most prominent are:
  • New standards have been collected, as well as updated versions of those that were already mapped.
  • Controls for verifying compliance with privacy regulations have been expanded.
  • The latest trends in authentication have been introduced.
  • The incident notification requirement has been improved.
  • There are improvements in the controls related to secure development, in order to reinforce everything related to “security by default” and “from design”.
  • Measures related to telework have been strengthened.
  • Incorporation of cyber policies as a requirement.
  • Specific training requirements have been introduced for professionals who manage crypto.
And finally, if before sending us your comments, you have any questions or want to tell us something about it, write us anyway. We are delighted to assist you.

All you need is LEET

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