Cyber due diligence

M&A Cybersecurity Assessments

Our assessment reports will help you identify potential cybersecurity gaps and risks to make informed decisions and protect your investments. Not only at the initial stage, but throughout their life.

Can you afford a depreciation in your investment due to an unexpected incident?

There are many ways to obtain a diagnosis of an organization's cybersecurity posture, but none offers such a complete analysis as the one we propose.

A decision of this magnitude must be backed up by fully reliable and verified information. You cannot risk taking a decision based solely on a "snapshot" from the outside or a standard security audit, but must take into consideration all the factors that can impact security. And this is precisely what our cybersecurity rating offers you.

Our specific methodology for carrying out cybersecurity assessments in investments provides you with everything you need:

Cybersecurity rating

With the detailed level in each of the 73 sections, and list of security measures not implemented that would be necessary to improve their level.

Privacy Assessment

If they carry out any processing of personal data, this rating assesses compliance with regulations and measures to safeguard the privacy of information.

Digital Rating

Provided by an external assessment, with a list of vulnerabilities observed in your Internet exposure.

Value judgment

of our experts on the results obtained with respect to the desirable ones, and recommendations for an action plan, as well as a comparison with the averages and best practices we have observed in comparable organizations.

Additionally, if you have web applications with some interaction with the outside, we can perform a penetration test or DAST, to detect and exploit potential vulnerabilities offered to external attackers.

We are not going to expand on the importance or distract you with statistical data on cybersecurity in M&A processes. If this is your business, you know much more about it than we do.

We only hope to give you the best service for this purpose, which is what we are experts in.