The LEET Commitment

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mision is to build trust for a more secure ecosystem by defining, promoting and managing an assessment and labelling system that accurately rates the levels of cyber security implemented by organisations.

Our Vision is to stablish our rating as a reference standard recognised by organisations, customers and suppliers, for building, improving and as a mechanism for accrediting the level and capabilities of cyber security to all stakeholders.

And our Values:

  • Transparency: Our monitoring framework and rating methodology are public, so that all stakeholders can be aware of the requirements and therefore the meaning of each of the rating levels.

  • Impartiality: The Agency does not carry out any type of activity that could have an impact on the rating levels, which guarantees total impartiality and absence of conflict of interest when granting ratings.

  • Expertise and Professionalism: Our auditors are highly qualified and have specific qualifications and training, which guarantee the homogeneity and reliability of the results of the assessments carried out.

  • Update: We participate in national and international working groups, and we incorporate regulatory and technological developments into the rating system in a timely manner, to ensure its evolution and adaptation to market needs.