The insurance business that provides coverage for cyber risks has a short history, but a very convulsive one due to the large number of incidents, which is growing year after year, and whose effects are becoming more and more shocking. Among them:

  • System damage / loss of service.

  • Data theft / Extortion

  • Liability / Sanctions

  • Fraud

Due to the scarce historical data, the amount of the policies has been calculated in a very subjective way and on the basis of assumptions that have been overwhelmed by reality, which has resulted in more than notable increases in premiums year after year.

The higher the risk, the higher the cost of the premium....
...but the difficulty is to calculate it in a reliable and mutually convenient manner.

Rating brings utility to both sides

For the Insurer

A complete questionnaire whose result is a quantification of the level of security. The higher the rating, the lower the risk of suffering an incident.

For the Insured

A good rating of your services can lead to a reduction of the premium.