Show your commitment to security

Win your customers' trust

The security of the services you provide is key to your customers' business continuity.

Convey confidence and gain competitive advantage by differentiating yourself from the rest.

Today it is already a necessity. The outsourcing of services to specialized providers is extending to more and more activities. Therefore, it is necessary that suppliers offer all the guarantees, not only in the results of the services provided, but also to avoid being a risk to the security and privacy of information, which could jeopardize the business or the image of the client..

You may be thinking of ISO 27001 certification, which is widely used, but has proven to be insufficient. First, because it makes no differentiation, and second, because the certification of the management system is carried out according to the risk assumed by the auditee, which may differ from that desired by your customer.

For this reason, systems that provide information on the level of security offered in the provision of services are increasingly used.

In which sector do your clients operate?




LEET Security is the cybersecurity rating agency.

This is our exclusive activity and we carry it out with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, without any conflict of interest that could deteriorate the quality of our results. That is why the most demanding clients know and trust the services that have LEET Security rating.

Organizations with the highest awareness of cybersecurity already work with us.

Efficiency in your cybersecurity audits

When performed rigorously, audits are a heavy burden, but they are necessary to:

  Verify that your systems are adequately protected

  Accredit it before your clients (and also to investors, authorities/regulators, etc.)

When we talk about efficiency, we do so with full knowledge: our methodology has been specifically designed for this purpose. Therefore, if your customers ask you to have both an ENS certification and a Pinakes rating, we will do it in a single process, so that you will not have to go through the same questions to access both accreditations.

This efficiency will translate into:

  Economic savings

  Time and resource savings

The rating allows you to offer an image of proactivity and commitment to security and thus improve the competitiveness of your proposals.