Doing business securely

To really improve your actual level of cybersecurity, you need to know where you stand.

We offer you a cybersecurity management tool that is also used by Boards of Directors.

Be prepared for cybersecurity incidents

Do you know all the means by which they can occur?

To prevent all types of attacks, you must have a methodology that allows you to know in detail the different areas that can offer weaknesses and become the access vector used by cybercriminals.

The three pillars of cybersecurity




Processing of personal data

In the event of processing personal data, you must apply the technical and organizational measures appropriate to your risk and impact assessments.

Whether you are responsible or in charge of the treatment, we offer you the best tool: With the LEET Security privacy qualifier you can prove the application of these measures, and with it, the due diligence in the fulfillment of your obligations.

The duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence (Duty of care)

The responsibility of the Board of Directors in cybersecurity.

The duty of care implies having a comprehensive and documented risk management framework, including strategies, policies, procedures, protocols and measures to duly and effectively protect all relevant component infrastructures, and a specific duty to mitigate damage.

The cybersecurity rating is the ideal tool to help companies and their managers meet their obligations to identify, control and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

LEET Security's controls and rating framework

It provides you with the most complete checklist, and with its 5 levels it can be adapted to all organizations. You can find out what level you are at in each of the 73 sections, and it shows you the specific measures you should implement to improve it.

You will have a complete metric to know your current situation and set goals with which to improve your level of protection.

Start getting to know yourself

We invite you to use E-Qualify

Let the cyber security rating become your accompanying tool.

It will allow you to set your objectives and see improvements in your level of cyber security.

And you will have our entire team with you.