Do you really know how you are or is it enough to feel safe?
Know your real level of security and that of your suppliers in the most efficient way.

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This is the LEET label. Use it.

It is created based on a unique metric with which you can assess the cybersecurity positioning of your organization, and analyze its evolution.

And also establish security requirements for the contracting of services to your suppliers and monitor them on an ongoing basis.

LEET Security’s proposal

One solution that adapts to different needs

A methodology that allows you to learn and improve your cybersecurity capabilities, and accredit due diligence in regulatory compliance.

Organizations with critical suppliers

Easily manage the cybersecurity risks of your supply chain with the rating of your suppliers

Service providers

Accredit your cybersecurity level and differentiate yourself from your competitors

Insurance companies

Know the risks and optimize costs in the policies of your insured

Private equity

A complete and reliable cyber due diligence to avoid risks that could depreciate your investments

Public Sector

We are accredited to deal with the certification of Public Administrations and their suppliers

Any questions?

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We create value for customers and suppliers

Benefits for customers
  • Improved operability
    Streamlines selection processes
  • Cost improvement
    Optimisation of own resources
  • Improving yoour image
    With authorities, regulators, customers and shareholders
  • Improve your management
    Facilitates risk management in your business
Benefits for suppliers
  • Competitiveness
    Facilitates access to customers and differentiation from competition
  • Cost improvement
    Reduction of resources in accreditation to your customers
  • Improving yoour image
    Proactive image to customers
  • Improve your management
    Shorter audit time and better access to cyber-policies

Leet Security

And for all areas of the organization

  • Supervise and ensure that the cybersecurity strategy defined in the company is integrated and meets the achievement of the organization's objectives.
  • Accreditation with partners and investors.
  • Have a complete (and comparable) metric to assess the organization's cybersecurity positioning and its evolution.
  • Align security and cyber risks with business needs.
  • Reduce the risks of incidents, in the organization itself and through third parties.
  • Improve your ability and readiness to recover.
  • Justify and prioritize investments where they are most effective and know their effect.
  • A framework of controls structured to facilitate the supervision of regulatory compliance.
  • Definition of the technical and organizational measures appropriate to the risks and nature of the processing.
  • Prove due diligence in regulatory compliance through rating.
  • Extend the supervision of compliance to those in charge of treatments.
  • Facilitates risk management in your business
  • A seal that differentiates and accredits the organization's commitment to information security and privacy

Our clients

We collaborate with the best


The rating platform for suppliers in the financial sector

It makes it easier for banks and suppliers to comply with EBA guidelines on outsourcing services. It is operated by the Centro de Cooperación Interbancaria

Are you a supplier to the financial sector? Join Pinakes ® to access the largest financial marketplace in Spain.

LEET Security is your best partner to do so.


LEET news

How do you perceive the level of cybersecurity in your organization?
How do you perceive the level of cybersecurity in your organization?

Mistakes in cybersecurity can be very costly, and that is why it is necessary to take all necessary measures to avoid them. This is something that no one questions today.

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5 steps for third party risk management
5 steps for third party risk management

The security of the #SupplyChain is perhaps our greatest concern at LEET Security and where the use of the rating can make a big difference, both for suppliers and customers.

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Are cybersecurity certifications useful?
Are cybersecurity certifications useful?

Our CEO, Antonio Ramos, reflects on certifications and their usefulness in the field of cybersecurity.

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What is LEET Security

Here it's explained y a minute and half

New ENS (2022) What changes and how it affects you

Recording of the webinar, by Antonio Ramos, CEO of LEET Security, on the changes brought by the new National Security Scheme published in May 2022.

Available only in Spanish

Value Chain Security Challenges 2022

This event, held on October 13, 2022, raises current value chain challenges and solutions, from public (Department of Homeland Security, the Bank of Spain and INCIBE) and private entities (Kyndryl, ESYS Foundation, Trescore Proyectos, MAPFRE, and LEET Security).

Available only in Spanish.

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