How do you perceive the level of cybersecurity in your organization?

Mistakes in cybersecurity can be very costly, and that is why it is necessary to take all necessary measures to avoid them. This is something that no one questions today.
A fundamental element to achieve this is to have a model to diagnose the risks and measure the level of protection available, which is not obvious. Large organizations with sufficient resources and expertise develop a keen sense of alertness, but also a tendency to self-confidence. The feeling one has about oneself is that "we are doing well". There is no doubt about it, otherwise they would already be doing something different.
A recent headline warns of the responsibility that the new NIS 2 directive places on Boards of Directors, with dissuasive sanctions and even the temporary disqualification of managers, who must approve cybersecurity risk management measures and oversee their implementation. 
In order to exercise this new responsibility, these management bodies must be confident that their technical and expert staff is performing the tasks that are proper to them to achieve this adequate risk management, and have some kind of mechanism that allows them to carry out the proper supervision.
And this is where we want to make our contribution with the Cybersecurity Rating: it is a complete model that takes into consideration, evaluates and assesses all the factors that have an impact on their real cybersecurity capabilities, and provides a metric that allows them to know their status, their strengths and weaknesses, proposes actions for improvement and monitoring. 
Thus, the Rating is constituted as a tool for the technical staff to have an external perspective and support in the development of its risk management function, and for the management as a control board to exercise its supervisory responsibilities. 
With a notable advantage in both cases: LEET Security does not offer gym subscriptions or sell cybersecurity anabolics, but only the tool to measure bodybuilding in a homogeneous and transparent way, so the absolute impartiality of its measurements is guaranteed.

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