Happy Information Security Day

And as the English saying goes, "put your money where your mouth is"
That is, to celebrate that today, November 30, and for 33 years (since 1988) the day of what we would call cybersecurity has been celebrated internationally. At LEET Security we want to contribute our bit by promoting awareness and improving information security in the business ecosystem.
At LEET Security we are committed to objectivity and transparency as ways for organizations to be motivated to invest in cybersecurity: to the extent that it becomes evident those organizations that are committed to cybersecurity and this improves their strategic and commercial positioning Compared to those that do not, all managers and administrative bodies will undoubtedly drive an improvement in the cybersecurity levels of the organizations for which they are responsible.
This is like vaccination, if we are all vaccinated, we are all safer together. If interest in cybersecurity spreads, all together, we will be more secure.
For this reason we want to help all organizations have an easier time contributing to this global improvement of the ecosystem with our program: #SecurerTogether. This program offers incentives to all those who introduce us to companies that eventually become part of the LEET Ecosystem. With this measure, LEET Security seeks to help all organizations elect their level of security, so that none of them becomes the weakest link in any supply chain.
As the campaign slogan says, if we all raise our security levels, and work with organizations that show this, the result is that "together we are safer". We think that this is the spirit of this International Day and, therefore, we encourage you to benefit from this campaign at the same time that we make everyone safer.

Learn about the details of the initiative here.

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