FC Barcelona trusts LEET Security to select its tech providers

FC Barcelona demonstrates its commitment to cybersecurity and requires that its technology providers must have at least a BBB level in their LEET Security rating.
What they are asking for is:

  •     Demonstrable initiatives through innovative actions in the field of cybersecurity, one of them being related to the deployment of OT / IOT technologies in sports facilities.
  •     Provider plans with the 2030 agenda (Sustainable Development Goals) and how they are transferred to the requested service.
  •     Be in possession of the ISO22301 business continuity certification for the processes involved in providing this service.
  •     LEET Security with a minimum ICT Rating of BBB for cybersecurity services.
  •     Be in possession of the ISO 37001 Anticorruption and business ethics certification.
  •     Have the ISAE 3402- SOC 2 type II report available for the processes involved in the provision of this service and issued by an independent third party.
  •     Be in possession of the CMMI for services L3 certificate. "

All you need is LEET

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