IBM revalidates its HIGH ENS and its AAA-level LEET Security rating

(In the photo, from right to left: Rodrigo Hornos, Principal IBM Cloud Compliance Leader, and Alfonso Pastor, Delivery Director Partner of LEET Security, showing the certificates obtained, at IBM headquarters)
IBM revalidates the certification in accordance with the National Security Scheme (ENS) in the HIGH category and the LEET Security rating with AAA level for the Public Cloud services based on its CPDs in the European Union. The multinational has obtained both through an audit process that unifies the evaluation of the security measures contemplated in both schemes.
To achieve the two accreditations, LEET Security has assessed not only the operation according to the certified security management system that IBM has for these same services, but also the level of robustness and rigor of the security measures themselves. with which the qualified services are managed, as well as the recovery capacity in case of incidents, thus providing IBM clients with clear and transparent information about the security of their services.
Additionally, with this qualification, IBM also joins the Pinakes® Platform managed by the Center for Interbank Cooperation, which allows it to outperform its competitors, accrediting the excellent level obtained before all the adhered entities, which already represent the majority of the sector, and comply with the supervision requirements established by the European Banking Authority (EBA) in contracting external services.
With this double accreditation, the multinational demonstrates its enormous commitment to security in the provision of its services, thus making its Public Cloud the most transparent service on the market in terms of the real level of security with which it operates. This allows it to transmit to its clients the guarantees they need, both in the Public Administration and in the private sector.
Supplier qualification is becoming increasingly essential in the world of cybersecurity, where having the utmost trust at all points in the supply chain is vital for companies. It is not enough to adopt the best security measures in the organization itself, because if the providers do not have the appropriate level, they become its weakest link and the probable gateway to incidents, which can cause significant economic losses and damage. to the company's reputation.
This qualification is, therefore, an endorsement that allows IBM to differentiate itself and reinforce trust with its clients, since it not only demonstrates its great technical training, but also the commitment to always carry out its activity with the maximum security guarantees.

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