LEET TV is on

Today LEET TV starts broadcasting on LinkedIn and Youtube, with the aim of becoming a multimedia reference of cybersecurity news in Spain. Welcome.


Today was the premiere of the first episode of LEET TV, a multimedia content that aims to talk about cybersecurity from different approaches and on various topics, from regulations to disclosure, including current affairs and its intricacies. (Available only in Spanish)

In this first chapter and under the title "NIS2: new requirements for cybersecurity governance", our CEO Antonio Ramos, addresses a first approach to the new cybersecurity regulations and their relationship with the governing bodies in a clear and simple way. There will be a second episode dedicated to the NIS2 where we will expand more aspects of this regulation that must be transposed to our legal system before the end of October 2024.

Find us on Likedin, with #LeetTV, and on our Youtube channel. And don't forget to like, share and, above all, comment. We want to hear your opinion.”

All you need is LEET!

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