Unisys renews its rating for the fifth year

Unisys, a global technology company that develops solutions focused on high-performance security for the most demanding companies and governments, has renewed the cybersecurity qualification for its support and maintenance services for applications and information systems.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the company has renewed its cybersecurty rating, since 2019, once again demonstrating its commitment to safety and its desire to improve, in addition to accrediting the implementation of a safety management system and the effective application of a framework of control and security measures at a high level.

The qualification has been obtained after a complete and rigorous evaluation carried out by LEET Security, a guarantee of reliability in all management processes and in the execution of the projects and services that Unisys provides to its clients. In particular, regarding the support and maintenance service for applications on the virtual desktop environment provided by the client.

In addition to this audit, the assets used by Unisys for the provision of these services are incorporated into the supervision system used by LEET Security, based on the Mr Looquer tool, through which continuous, integrated digital monitoring is carried out and is part of rating services. In this way, customers can trust that the company treats their data and information, continuously maintaining the confidentiality and security standards that correspond to them.

Unisys offerings include security software and services; workplace applications and services; industry applications and services; and innovative software operating environments for enterprise high-intensity computing. To learn more about how Unisys securely delivers better results for its clients in government, financial services, and commercial markets, visit www.unisys.com.

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